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Well that’s great…

My parents are away for the weekend so I am home alone, and I just noticed this morning that my mom’s car has been stolen from outside our house.

Fuck this. I give up. This day is a piece of shit.

Sorry for the long post.

As much as I try to avoid Tumblr drama, anytime it sneaks through onto my dash it’s like a train wreck…I can’t look away.

And when I look, I get upset, and it fucking sucks. I think I have come to realize that HATE, any form of it (for the most part), is triggering to me. I get anxious, my empathy goes into overdrive and I can feel physically exhausted from the emotional toll.

I think my mind cannot cope with the idea that people hate each other, especially over things that they can’t change. Homophobia, queer hating, cis hating, gender hating: these are all personal ideals that we cannot change. I can’t change being cis just as you can’t change being trans or non-binary or gender fluid. Why can’t that be enough.

I get that in ‘society’ at large, gender queer individuals are not given the same rights and understanding as cis people, but is it fair to take the anger that should be toward the inequity of our society and place it on a gender identity? I would hope we could, as people of all designs, come together to fight the inequality that effects us all (obviously not in the same way or to the same extent), but instead of creating a rift between groups who have the same end goal of equality in mind, build a society that we choose and we can all feel comfortable in.

Sorry for the rant, I am just tired of hating all over the board. I’ll go be quiet now.




IF ME CALLING YOU DUDE OR GURL CAUSES YOU TO HAVE DYSPHORIA YOU SHOULD tell me because you being comfortable is so much more important than some stupid slang 

or when if i call you “man” because i know i do that a lot. please tell me if it causes dysphoria or just makes you upset in general. because i will stop because i love you.

Same goes if I call you “dear” or “deary” because your comfort is more important than a word

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Claude Monet

Roses (Les Roses) (1925–26)

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Audrey Hepburn costume sketches by Edith Head

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Aidan Gillen and Natalie Dormer; Season 3 Premiere

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