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The fact that Cersei didn’t kill Petyr just proved that he was right. She needed him because he was useful. It was his knowledge that kept him alive

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Bergamo, Italy | Marco Baronchelli

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Petyr Baelish One Week Challenge: day 3 (favourite scene) —> Petyr’s Gifts

[Feast for Crows spoilers below; **this scene has not yet occurred in the show]

"So tell me, sweetling - why is Harry the Heir?"
Her eyes widened. “He is not Lady Waynwood’s heir. He’s Robert’s heir. If Robert were to die …”
Petyr arched an eyebrow. “When Robert dies. Our poor brave Sweetrobin is such a sickly boy, it is only a matter of time. When Robert dies, Harry the Heir becomes Lord Harrold, Defender of the Vale and Lord of the Eyrie. Jon Arryn’s bannermen will never love me, nor our silly, shaking Robert, but they will love their Young Falcon … and when they come together for his wedding, and you come out with your long auburn hair, clad in a maiden’s cloak of white and grey with a direwolf emblazoned on the back … why, every knight in the Vale will pledge his sword to win you back your birthright. So those are your gifts from me, my sweet Sansa … Harry, the Eyrie, and Winterfell. That’s worth another kiss now, don’t you think?”

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Fox News spent a segment mocking and laughing at Illinois State University’s decision to accommodate LGBT students with all-gender restroom signs, stating, “we’re all a little confused by it.”

Turns out, a lot of people don’t share Fox’s bewilderment. 

The following day, host Steve Doocy conducted man-on-the-street interviews with the sign, asking random “Fox fans” what they thought it meant. 

Much to Fox’s dismay, not a single fan (including a young boy) responded to the question with the confusion and outrage that Fox expected. 

Watch the full interview — it’s pretty great. 

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Fall is my season

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